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What our oil heating engineers offer is: oil burner service for Devon & Somerset

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Regular maintenance & servicing is required to minimise the the chance of breakdowns. Making sure the oil heating is functioning is a priority of our specialised heating technicians.

Maintaining your existing central heating system is important because our professional engineers understand about the costs involved in bad servicing. Our qualified oil trained personal can fully inspect faults with your boilers burner.

Glowing red buttons within the boilers door provide visual clues to what to do when these fault conditions arise. Well maintained boilers are less prone to breakdowns, we keep things working the best for you. Boiler energy efficiency will help keep you warm during those cold winter months.

With many rural homes using kerosene to heat the home this also provides heating & hot water comfort. It’s easy to turn on the central heating programmer when you get home from work.

Energy efficient oil fired heating


Save 18% on fuel costs. Installing a new energy efficient condensing oil boiler over the older style conventional type this  will help you save money on fuel . Sales hit a three year high last year from sale oil boilers. Reduce the cost of heating your home.


Our qualified engineers can be with you within 1-2 hrs.

Oil Boiler Breakdowns can happen to your oil burner & can also this be an inconvenience to you. The sudden loss of hot water or central heating at any time of year can be stressful.

Fortunately our skilled qualified oil heating engineers have many years experience of working in the oil heating industry, we will soon have your heating back on providing the heat for your home heating.

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Why Upgrade To An Energy Efficient Boiler?

 Benefits Of An Energy Efficient Oil Fired Boiler.

Read about some key features of the present day new oil burners


Boiler repaired on the same day.

Trouble Shooting.

Possible Causes…Why Is My Boiler Shutting Down On Operation.Worcester Bosh heating engineers Devon.

Things the home owner can check before calling us out

  • Fuel is there enough.
  • Has the heating appliance shut down but the red light is still on? Check burner reset button.
  • Do you get heating & hot water for a short period after resetting the burner lock out button? After do you have to press the reset again to get the appliance going. This may indicate an electrical fault or mechanical with the heating appliance.
  • When you observe the pressure gauge needle this shows zero pressure?
  • Is there water seen running out of the bottom of the boiler or any  pipes?
  • Overheat thermostat has tripped, this can happen in an overheat situation. The reset button can be accessed on grant boilers by removing the plastic screw cap & pressing the button firmly in. If the button solves the overheat problem, this may be masking another problem.
  • The oil line fire valve could have tripped out due to an overheat occurrence.

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Parts serviced on the burner are:

  • Clean the blast blast tube
  • Remove the nozzle & refit new nozzle
  • Check & test for safe operation of the photo cell
  • Remove braided oil line & replace with new one
  • Clean & remove in line oil filter from oil pump
  • Check electrodes for spark & reset if needed
  • Fire burners to check oil pump pressure & calibrate air settings to the manufactures required levels
  • Use flue gas analyser with oil burner running. Giving a print out of emissions at end of test.

Lack of oil boiler servicing causes problems. Along with neglect with the central heating system.

boiler repairs exeter

Central heating breakdown can be avoided. Regular servicing should be done annually.

After long periods of time the heating system may become less efficient & cost more money to run.  A system power flush can be a good way to clean up central heating pipework along with cleaning the boiler & central heating pump. Our experienced Devon heating engineers would normally spend the whole day power-flushing the central heating radiators & pipework through. Clean pipes & radiators mean that the water doesn’t have to push sludge through the radiators & pipework. The central heating pumps uses less electricity as part of the flush.

What we do during our safety checks.

We clean out the combustion chamber, the baffles & exit of the flue will all be cleaned. The burner will be serviced in accordance to the manufactures instructions. If any replacement parts are required during the service, then we will show you what needs replacing. Or we will document our findings on the form presented at the end of our checks. Oil tanks will be checked for safety. If we find any problems with the oil tank we will record these and give a copy of our findings to the home owner. More details regarding your oil tank can be found on the oil tanks page. Burner Checks: On the burner we check & observe for any unsafe parts. Worn seals & gaskets may need replacing due to heat damage from the burner.

Why service heating appliances? Annually this may be required by the landlord, if the landlord has tenants. This is law for anyone wishing to let a property or who is letting a property.  Maintenance helps you save on fuel, this means you save money. We also do oil boiler cleaning of the secondary heat exchanger, a very important part to clean, emissions need to be kept at safe levels. Flues and incoming fuel lines must be checked so as to be seen as being in safe order.     Exeter engineer heating.Grant boiler engineers exeter.

Our Devon oil heating engineers provide

Oil Tank Service safety checks:

  • Check tanks safe condition, (Written warnings & advice will be documented on our documentation )
  • Check oil isolation valves for operation
  • Check height of tank for filling point
  • Check oil sight gauge for safe operation
  • Check tank for splits & cracks
  • Check for safe distance – hot flue terminals
  • Observe & report if base is suitable
  • Fire valve tests for safe continued use
  • Check oil lines for leaks
  • Location of oil tank

Make a regular check of your oil storage tank to make sure its no leaking. If your in doubt regarding it’s safety click oil tank installers

Technical Information On Combustion, for the technically minded.

Our Grant service agents are often asked. How can efficiency from the boiler be increased?

Worcester bosh maintenance Devon

Dirty sooty blast tubes need to be set up correctly to enable the boiler to perform well.


Nozzles what do they do?

Nozzles are a consumable item that will become worn with time. Nozzles will lower efficiency if they are neglected, these should be changed annually for the recommended type. The nozzle size determines how much heat output in British thermal unit’s or kilowatts, power the boiler produces.   Manufactures instructions have to be referenced to match the right nozzle to the required output.

Nozzles wear as they spray kerosene oil into the blast tube with the help of a motorised fan, during the spraying of the oil with the help from the blast tube the oil gets excel-orated & the blast tube creates a swirl pattern via the specially designed veins at the bottom of the blast tube,  the spray mist is controlled by the veins & holes surrounding the top of the blast tube.

Just before this happens two electrodes conduct a spark with the help from the control box, the spark generates enough heat & spark to gently ignite the spay mist as it passes past the electrodes, a flame is established by the electrodes.