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Installing A New boiler Read About The benefits:

Read about why a new oil fired heating system is better than the older boilers

  • New burners allow better heat transfer into the boiler.
  • Secondary heat exchangers use more useful fuel that would other wise may have been lost to atmosphere.
  • Flues are now fitted with condensate run off to allow for cooler running.
  • New boilers now come with standard 5 years warranty.
  • By installing a new energy efficient boiler, you can enjoy the benefits of quicker heat up times on both hot water & central heating.
  • Less kerosene fuel used by the boiler too.
  • Less chance of oil boiler breakdowns.
  • Improves the value of your property
  • ErP (Energy Related Products) New boiler installed after September 2015 must be what is classed as being (ErP) less energy must be used to power the new boilers that are on the market.
  • New condensing oil boilers will produce waste water that needs either a local drain or a soak away.

We offer customers a choice of boiler upgrades.

As experienced oil central heating engineers we carry out quick installation work.

What type of oil central heating systems are available, read about new boilers below & what class of heating system you may have.

  • Boilers are available that heat both the central heating & hot water.(comi) Combination boilers.
  • If you have a hot water cylinder you have a system or heat only oil boiler.
  • New energy efficient boilers work at super high efficiencies due to the efficiency of new oil burners & secondary heat exchangers.
  • Outdoor models no longer need to be installed in the home

Installation for new energy efficient condensing oil fired boilers can be undertaken in a day normally.

New Central Heating System

If your thinking of having a new boiler installed along with new radiators our qualified heating engineers can provide your home with a brand new central heating installation.

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New full central heating systems running off of combi (combination boilers)  are installed can now be installed in to  kitchens or outdoor models can be chosen where space and pipework in easily accessible.