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Deso heating oil storage tanks along with Envirostore heating oil storage tanks, are  construction to very high standards, search this site to find out more… Pay not VAT on installation. Call:- 01392 841782 Mobile:-07766501664




Oil Tank Installers Devon. Oil Tank Safe Distances & Protecting The Environment.

Oil storage tanks have to meet a certain criteria. Bund is defined as holding the contents of kerosene should the primary holding tank start to leak.

A replacement tank will be required if any one of the following can’t be met.

  • The oil tank should be a safe distance from the home 1.8meters away from the eves of the building.
  • Make sure a domestic oil tank doesn’t have a capacity of more than 2500 liters.
  • If the tank is in a risk zone known for flooding then the oil tank should be a bunded type.
  • The bunded capacity should be able to hold 110% of the kerosene heating oil if the internal tank should every leak.
  • If oil from the tank can run into a drain thats within 10 meters then a bunded oil tank will be required.
  • Could the contents run over hard ground & pollute controlled water?
  • 50 meter distances of springs?
  • 50 meter distance of a local bore hole?
  • Is it possible the contents (if leaking) could run into a loose fitting man hole cover.
  • Local drains could the contents go there?

The above do not apply to Guernsey, Jersey, or the Isle Of Man.

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Oil Tank advice.

Compliance with oil tanks. Does your oil tank comply…read on.

Distances For Fire ProtectionEmergency oil tank leak Devon.

Oil Tank Fire Protection.

Tanks don’t generally catch fire, it’s the fire that burns the tank. Fire protection for your oil tank should comply with the following.

Safe distances that the oil tank must comply with.

  • From a structure or building that is non fire rated the safe distance would be (oil tank 1.8 meters away)
  • A boundary is defined as neighbour  boundary hedge, wooden fence etc (760mm)
  • If the oil tank is located within 1.8 meters of a flue terminal, then fire protection would be required.
  • Openings like doorways (1.8 meters away to edge of tank)

Devon oil tank replacements.If any of the above are within the distances then fire rating the tank would be required.

Knowledge can be gained by speaking to our qualified oil heating engineers today,  find our details at the top of the page.

Knowledge base for oil tank bases & replacement tanks  Providing a suitable base for the oil storage tank is key. Site surveyDevon oil tank maintenance.. The first thing that should be bore in mind is safety & protection of the local environment. Our oil tank installers set about assessing site & ground condition, these ground conditions vary from site – site. We use the heel test to help grade the soils density. A simple test for soil density is the heal test. This gives an indication of the local soil conditions, with this information we can carefully calculate the building materials needed to construct the oil tanks base. Failure to properly assess ground conditions can lead to a a concrete base cracking or distorting. The same goes for the oil storage tank. Once we have the area surveyed & planed out we can set about removing matOiltank installers Tiverton.erials that may otherwise disturb the new foundations.(drainage pipes, cold water mains pipes, telephone cables, electricity cables, flooding etc all need to be assessed) Our oil tank installers use several techniques to form the basDevon oil tanks.e.Domestic oil tank installation


  • Concrete raft type of construction
  • Piers to achieve heigh for a metal tank.
  • Bases should satisfy the 300mm separation distance (from edge of oil tank – edge of Base) This is a requirement in all instances.
  • Slabs can be also used to construct the base.

Why fit bunded oil storage tank?Tiverton tank installers. Bunded tanks provide secondary protection for the contents kerosene or gas oil. Theses tanks have a ten year warrantee, each tank comes with lockable secure lid & key. Also we provide the electronic Apollo sensors, the electronic sensor allows you to monitor the contents of oil without looking inside the tank..This is a plugin receiver that visually shows in bars, up to 10 increments, from low setting up to full tank. Deso Engineering provide heating oil storage tanks that are constructed within the guidelines.. Devon oil tank specialist oil tank installers. Devon-oil-tank-specialist-oil-tank-installers Deso oil storage tanks are available in a range of sizes. If you want to save on space, generally these will fit you requirements. These tanks offer a slightly cheaper alternative to other brands. Frequently asked questions about your oil storage tank can be found on the Envirostore question page. Envirostore oil tanks are our preferred choice as they are built extremely well & feel very solid. They offer good security with tough lockable lids & two keys to keep your oil safe.

Single skin tanks.

Single skin tanks can still be fitted, but don’t offer the same protection against spills that bunded tanks do. Single skin tanks can still be fitted in domestic properties, we prefer to fit bunded oil tanks as this provides good control for the property & the local environment.






(Gauges are will not normally covered in the ten year warrantee, neither are isolation valves & filters)

Generally if installed & serviced by ourselves these oil tanks can last easily up to 20yrs.Providing the servicing is done on an annual basis along with the oil boiler.


Oil Tank Inspection.Maintenace oil tank devon.Oil Tank Maintenance Devon.

A replacement oil tank will need to be fitted if the oil tank is showing signs of cracking or leaking kerosene into the ground.

Oil tank maintenance can definitely prolong the life of the oil storage tank. Inspection of the oil tank can be carried out normally at the same time that the boiler is being serviced. We check filters, oil isolators, vent pipes, screw caps, sensors & receivers. Our checks also include looking at the base construction, width of base x length, bulges on the surface of the tank, splits or cracks. white dust, & checking for water ingress. Distortion on the oil tank means that the tank has an issue with it’s base or the tank has aged & lead to distortion over time. Distortion can occur from the oil tanks base not being properly supported across it’s width or length.

 Emergency tank pump out.Emergency oil tank repair

Devon oil tank specialist Emergency oil tank pump out is available in the event of the oil tank being filled and the kerosene can visibly be seen coming out through cracks or other. Our dedicated trained oil tank specialists are only to please to offer our professional services to make you & your local environment safe. Find our phone number at the top of the page if you require emergency assistance with your oil storage tank. Alternatively use our contact page.

Are oil tank servicing is generally under taken when the problems have be reported to us advising that the oil boiler or range cooker keeps cutting out. After investigation of the oil storage tank, it is normally found that water has got into the oil tank, either by the open end of a sight gauge or  the filler cap has been left opened also open vent pipes open to the elements. The main cause is the tank acquired a crack along it’s top.

Often old metal oil heating tanks collect a lot of water, metal sweats as the outside temperature rises & fall. Oil filters are changed as part of our service. Leaving the filter unchecked is asking for trouble. Check oil tank supports to make sure the oil tank is properly supported along it’s base is very important. Diy support with pieces of wood will cause the oil tank to move.



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Bunded Kerosene oil storage tanks we install.

  • Envirostore oil storage tanks.
  • Harlequin oil storage tanks.
  • QSS oil storage tanks
  • Deso Engineering

Should you require a replacement oil storage tank or should your require the contents of the tank to be pumped out because you are concerned about of a serious leak, please call the number above.

We are qualified oil tanks specialists for Devon, Cornwall & Somerset.

Our Tank Specialists do the safety checking. Get our advice today or browse the website to learn more.

Read about your oil tank & be safe.

A bund is defined as being an integral part of an existing tank, that can safely hold the contents in the secondary contained area. Single skin tanks are available & have just a two year warrantee terms & conditions apply. Single skin tank were the norm to install, now regulations have changed and bunded tanks are seen to be a much safer option. Concrete & masonry bunds can be used to house single skinned tanks.   Apollo sensors fit onto the oil tank & send a signal to the receiver unit within the house, this shows the amount of kerosene heating oil within the tank. BE SAFE. Kerosene spills into water-ways & bore holes can lead to thousands of pounds clean up by the Environment Agency.  Know about the hazards & dangers for your oil storage tank.

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Things to check! Will the oil tank isolator turn off or is it stuck in the on position. If your unsure where the oil tank isolator is located, please read on. Normally the isolator can be found on the oil tank where the thin oil line exits the oil tank. The oil line may have a blue plastic cover surrounding the thin 10mm copper pipe, colours vary as some oil lines may be white in colour, green plastic or just bare tarnished copper.Devon oil tank specilalists

If an incident should occur such as the house caught fire, would you be feeding the house with kerosene oil? Failure of the isolation valve may be the insurance companies way of getting out of the claim, should one ever like occur. Would a fireman with gloves on be able to turn the oil tanks isolation valve? How would they safely stop the flow of oil entering the building?

Is the oil storage tank located away from eves & wooden fences. Failure to comply in these areas, won’t make the oil installation compliant. heating oil Tank SpecialistHeating oil tanks that has gas bottles, within distance of the oil tank is also a concern for safety. Common sense from installer who place gas bottles next to oil tanks.

Remove the dangers & incidents are less likely to occur. Logs have also been seen piled underneath oil tanks.Devon oil tank installers Tank bases, the base that the oil storage tank is placed on.

Wooden railway sleepers, tanks with metal frame work surrounding the oil tank, these things need urgent attention to make the installation safe. [/learn_more] Call today if you have any concerns regarding the safety of your oil tank. On site repairs can be made so as to keep you safe.


Kerosene Security MeasuresTank installers Devon.

Read about securing your kerosene. Security lights activated by movement can be a good deterrent, helping to stop opportunist from gaining entry to your fuel oil. Keep the electric & light source well away from the tank and contents.A wall mounted light with sensor can be a smart choice.

Security locks enable the home owner to secure the fill cap with lock & key. Fuel theft can be avoided by not placing the oil tank to close to hedges or walls.

Security cameras can allow for 24hr surveillance catching movement on your property. Contact us if you have concerns about fuel security. We can advise you on protective measures regarding kerosene oil theft.

heating oil tank specialistTank Amour

Tank Armour is a new protective amour that surrounds the whole tank, thus protecting your heating oil from theft. 

Oil Tank Maintenance.

Oil filters are removed and replaced from the outlet of the oil tank, this is to made sure that the kerosene oil can be filtered when it leaves the oil tank. If oil filters are left and never changed, generally this will cause the paper oil filter element to breakdown.

When the paper oil filter has broken down within the filter housing, the parts of the oil filter will travel along the oil line & head towards the oil pump. The oil pump operates to provide the oil burner with an injected amount of kerosene oil in the form of a mist spray.

As the paper oil filter travels along the oil line from the oil tank, the mushed up paper will head straight into the oil pump via a braided or rubber oil line.

As the mushed up paper oil filter gradually enters the oil pump slowly over a period of time, the oil pump will become starved of kerosene or gas oil (gas oil used in industrial burners)(kerosene used in domestic oil heating boilers) over a period of time & this will cause the paper oil filter we check that the oil line exiting the oil tank is is good condition, oil isolation valves on the oil tank are shutting off, because if a house fire should be blazing away, the oil tank needs to be made safe.are proper trained & only offer quality maintenance.