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Installing bunded oil tanks help remove the risks associated with single skin tanks.

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What’s involved in the Installation of the oil tank? 

A site survey will be required so as to make sure the oil tank can be removed or if this is a first time installation for an oil tank, then the area needed a survey to make sure that the tank will be suitable for the type of property. A property with a good-sized garden will help make installation easier. Houses with no gardens are likely to be any good for installation of the tank.

My house is small could I fit a large tank?

The largest tank installation for a domestic property would be 2500-liter oil tank. This is the safe limit for a domestic property.

After the oil tank installed how does the oil line come in to the house from the oil tank?


There are a number of ways the oil line can be taken from the oil tank – the boiler, here are a few options. After installation of the oil tank the oil line can either be run surface along a permanent ridged surface such as a wall or the oil line will have to be buried in to the ground.

If the oil line is to be buried so as to avoid damage, it should be either the plastic coated copper tube type or an approved plastic pipe suitable for the type of oil being used.

Mechanical protection must be incorporated to prevent damage on the oil line.

Oil line installation from the tank is normally a trench dug to a certain depth, sand is laid into the trench this protects the oil line that lays on top of the sand. This sand barrier will help protect the oil line from sharp objects or stones. Tiles or Slabs Half round tiles can be used to protect the oil line from damage; the tiles are laid into the trench on top of the oil line. Concrete slabs could also be used for this purpose of protection.

Sleeving the oil line Feeding an oil line through a suitable sleeve can provide some degree of protection for the oil line. Sleeving will be a good option for the underground route.

Marker Tape. After protecting the oil line the exposed trench can be back filled with earth/soil. Once enough earth has been placed into the trench, marker tape will be used at a depth of no more or less than 150 mm to inform gardens that an oil line in below the surface. 150 mm is six inches depth. In the event of a car driving over the buried oil line the tiles or slabs would provide a good barrier and protect the oil line.

Ducts Purpose made concrete ducts with removable covers would be another choice, providing the duct lid can provides enough protection for any thing that may go over it. Drainage is important if this method is to be used, holes drilled into the duct provide air and ventilation within the duct. The holes also help to remove any water that may find it’s way in. Records are a good way of recording the route of the oil line. These are normally left with the homeowner for future reference.

My house is on a hill how can the oil reach the boiler? Oil lifters can be used to lift oil via a pump; from the pump the oil can drain by gravity to the oil boiler or Aga rayburn.

Do I need planning permission for an oil storage tank?

Normally domestic oil tank installation doesn’t require any planning permission.

Location & Installation Of Oil Tank

We advise that the location of the oil tank should be in the most unobtrusive area. Other requirements are the need for safety, filling of the oil tank, maintenance, & the need to provide a satisfactory flow of oil to a burner.

Envirostore offer the perfect solution for storing your heating oil. Bonus get the ten year warrantee from us after installation This is only attainable after we sign off the installation.
What are the benefits of installing the Envirostore tanks?

  • Lockable lid for security (two keys provided )
  • Translucent inner tank allows for easier filling & inspection
  • Lifting holes for easy installation
  • 10 Year warrantee on the tank, with a 20 year possible life expectance of the tank
  • Free Apollo electronic measuring gauge fitted on installation

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We install Envirostore. Strong & built to withstand all weathers. Dimensions of oil tanks.

Dimensions of the 1000 ESB tank Brimful 1080 litres Nominal 1026 litres Length 2000 mm Width 680 mm Height 1475 mm Footprint 1920 x 680mm Devon oil tank specialist oil tank installers.
Dimensions of the 1225 ESB tank Brimful 1270 litres Nominal 1206 litres Length 2060mm Width 860mm Height 1670 mm Footprint 2060 x 860mm
Dimensions of the 1225 ESB tank Brimful 1330 litres Nominal 1206 litres Length 1970 mm Width 1410 mm Height 1115 mm Footprint 2060 x 860mmBunded tank 1250 ELB
Dimensions of the 1300 EHB tank Brimful 14000 litres Nominal 1330 litres Length 1830 mm Width 1300 mm Height 1470 mm Footprint 1340 x 1230 mm Envirostore 1300 liter ehb domestic oil tank installers devon.
Dimensions of the 1800 EHB tank Brimful 1910 litres Nominal 1814 litres Length 2070 mm Width 1325 mm Height 1570 mm Footprint 1680 x 1275 mm Envirostore 1800 liter ehb domestic oil tank installers devon.
Dimensions of the 2500 EHB tank Brimful 2625 litres Nominal 2493 litres Length 2230 mm Width 1530 mm Height 1670 mm Footprint 1700 x 1470 mm Envirostore 2500 ehb domestic oil tank installers devon.
Dimensions of the 2500 EVB tank Brimful 2690 litres Nominal 2555 litres Length 1625 mm Width 1625 mm Height 1625 mm Footprint 1625 x 1625 mm Envirostore 2500evb domestic oil tank