Emergency Oil Tank Pump Out.

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OIL TANK LEAKS! Emergency Oil Tank Repair.

devon oil tanks

Maintenance for your oil tank is important. Oil filters, sight gauges, oil isolation valves,site safety checks are all carried out as standard with our oil boiler servicing.We go further for you.

Read on to find out more.

Oil tank installers devon.

Brand new concrete base with bunded (Double skin) tank.

What to do if you find your oil tanks is leaking.

Call us for expert advice, we can safely drain the leaking oil from the old storage tank into a holding tank.

specialists in oil tank installation devon.

Fire rated wooden fence with 30 min fire protection, helps to stop fire burning the oil tank & contents.What to do if you find your oil tanks is leak Call us for expert advice, we can safely drain the leaking oil from the old storage tank into a holding tank.

Oil tanks that are showing signs of leaking.

Emergency oil tank leaks Devon.Kerosene leaking from cracks in green oil tanks can be temporary patched up using hand washing hard soap.

One solution is to use hard soap & rub this across the the crack or split. This method of using soap to fill in the cracks while our emergency oil tank engineers quickly pump out the contents.

We have achieved good temporary result this way. If you  find oil leaking from the oil tank trying this may be good for a few hours until we arrive.


Devon Emergency Heating Oil Tank Installers. oil tank installers crediton

If you need an oil tank repaired or pumped out quickly due to a split or cracks having developed.

Call Devon heating oil tank installers.

Our oil tank installers remove kerosene heating oil quickly from your leaking oil tank.


domestic oil tanks installers Devon.About our servicies

Heating oil tank installation Devon

Lockable lid opened to reveal the white inner tank that holds the kerosene. Keep your heating oil safe and protected from the weather.

We are a family run business that installs & commissioning Bunded oil tanks throughout the West country.

Our oil engineers also provide boiler maintenance & servicing. Servicing such makes as Grant & Worcester Bosh.

Listed below are some of the oil tank manufacturers we use. We work with all the recommended oil tank manufactures.

Manufactures of kerosene oil tanks.

We work with & install:

    • Envirostore
    • Harliquin Bunded
    • Desso Engineering
    • Atlas

Quote… get us out today.

We are not vat registered and believe we can beat any quote.

Call Devon & Somerset oil tank specialists for a free survey & quote today. We are Devon west country oil tank installer specialists. Our Qualifications enable our oil tank installers to legally install your oil storage tank.

Oil tanks decommissioning

We arrange for the oil tank to be properly  decommissioned  by a  waste management contractor. Disposing of your old oil tank has to be through a licensed waste management facility.


Cracks on oil tanks.

Oil tanks Devon.

If cracks have appeared on the oil tank & kerosene is leaking out. A quick solution that may stop the leak is to use soap. This is pretty good until we arrive to pump out the kerosene.


Devon oil tank servicing.

Plenty of soap helps to stop kerosene leaking out.

Soap can be used on oil tanks to help stop oil leaking out from cracks that may have formed. An oil tank emergency repair is some times possible using hard soap, this is a temporary short term solution though, just enough to drain the oil tank so as to safely pump out the leaking oil tank of all it’s contents.

Our oil tank specialists carry out…

  • Heating oil tank commissioning
  • Oil tank decommissioning
  • Oil tank installation service
  • Emergency oil tank pumping for leaking oil tanks
  • Oil tank servicing..filer changes, fitting theft prevention locks
  • Maintenance, oil tank cleaning, oil sight gauge fitting, apollo tank sensors etc.
  • Repositioning oil storage tanks

We provide everything that is required to safely deal with domestic oil tank installation & maintenance.

Dealing with an oil tank leak or crack that has developed. This can turn into an emergency situation quite quickly.

Emergency heating oil tank pump out service 24hr call out seven days a week.

We are professionally qualified Devon oil heating engineers providing the south west with new oil storage tanks solutions.


Devon oil heating tank installation.

Watchman and filler cap pictured.

Oil Tank Installer Devon.

Envirostore oil tank specialists.

Removal of old oil tanks

We can safely remove your old oil storage tank . Metal & plastic tanks do have a certain life span & need to be safely removed from the property. Certain types of plastic tanks can be recycled due to the generation of plastic that they are made of.

Metal tanks will drained cleaned & taken away to be recycled.

Q: Will i be without heating if you remove my old oil tank?.

Answer: We keep you heating going throughout the change-over.

Q: I have an old vaporising Aga, will this cause any problems?

Answer: Aga can be either switched off or we can keep these going throughout the change-over.

Our oil tank installers install new bunded oil tanks that can hold kerosene oil from as little as 1000 litres right up to 2500 litres for a domestic property.


Heating oil tank emergency

Manufactures guarantee

Your guarantee is with the oil tank manufactures. The manufacture of the oil tank will only give the 10 year warrentee if the installation has been fitted by a qualified installer.


Read about bunded oil storage tanks.


Our installers only fit bunded oil tanks.Tank are fitted with a security lock & key, this helps prevent fuel theft.

OIL TANK INSTALLERSAs can be seen in the picture, the white inner tank holds the heating oil, while the outer green skin provides secondary bunded safety should the inner tank leak.

If the inner tank should ever split, you can be sure the secondary outer shell will contain 110% of the tanks contents, kerosene heating oil, or gas oil for industrial.

Installing a secondary tank cuts down on the pollution.

Single skin tanks

Single skin oil tanks only have a two year warrantee.

Single skinned oil tanks will in time, leak, bunded oil tanks can last if installed correctly  unto & over 20 years.



We are fully qualified to install oil storage tanks. Our oil technicians have been trained & are fully certified as tank installers.

When selling your house you must have by law legal documents regarding the installation of the oil tank. We will certify the installation at time of completion. Have things done right the first time. Solicitors require documents for the sale or transfer of the property, not having these documents could cost you time & money.

We give you legal certification under the regulatory body. Each new oil tank installation will be backed up with a ten year warrentee from the oil storage tank manufactures.


Oil tank guarantee

A ten year guarantee is in place when we install the oil tank , as manufactures state this in the terms & conditions on installation. This is only attainable through us being registered as an oil tank installer.

Oil storage tank manufactures require that the company must  register the oil tank to building control once the oil tank has been installed to current regulations.

If there is a call against your new oil storage tank, this will be dealt with swiftly to ensure prompt rectification under Warranty.

Oil storage tank manufactures will not validate your tank unless this installation is carried out by the person holding this qualification.

Oil Tank Installers

Read About Apollo Sight Gauges

Apollo oil tank monitoring

Calibration of the Apollo & how to set it up.

First measure the tanks height.

This is from the bottom of the oil tank to the top of the tank where the oil level when full will be at it’s highest.

If the oil tank is bunded.

Measure from the inner tank & not the outer bunded tank.

Plug in the Apollo, place sensor from oil tank next to plug-in Apollo reader.

Make sure both black LCD lines or dots are shown on both units when placed next to each other.

Wait for black scale bars to reach upper on the scale.

When a red light is shown on the sender calibration has taken place & both units are bonded.

Refit sensor back on tank

Plug-in Apollo the reader will show tanks connects, Apollo will beep when tanks contents are in need of replenishment

On the back of the plug-in Apollo reader you will find some switches.

The switches relate to different size oil tanks normally the switch is factory set for the tank, if the tank is full of kerosene and the last bar isn’t illuminated, adjustment may be necessary.

All you need to do is place the sender on top of the oil storage tank and plug in the receiver.

Calibration of the Apollo sensor is very easy.

Plug in the receiver anywhere in the house hold wall socket & check the LCD Display Reading the bars on the electrical receiver shows a scale of what contents of kerosene you have.

When the LCD Display shows 1-2 bars, this is the time to reorder kerosene from your local family run heating oil supplierContact us for informaition of a local heating oil supplier.

We supply and fit oil storage tanks with either the old type sight gauges, or our preferred method is the Apollo electronic monitoring system. [/learn_more]

Contact us if you require a quote for a new oil tank


Heating oil tank installers

Our installation team  can provide you with best advice for the location of the oil storage tank.

If your oil tank has just started to leak, or you’re having doubts regarding its safety get in touch with our oil engineers today, we can put things right.

Safety advice

Plastic oil storage tanks can over a period of time start to buckle when sat on an badly supported base.   Metal single skin oil tanks can also start to rust on their edges. If the tank has rust bubbling along the seams, now is the time to upgrade to a new tank. We can replace your oil storage tank whilst keeping your boiler running through out the change over.

Oil Tank Specialist:Tank Safety:

A few things to look for
  1. Are there signs of stress cracks?
  2. Could the base be not level & distorted?
  3. Has the tank been previously relocated?
  4. Is there a white chalk feel & kerosene smells around the oil tank.

Part of a new oil tank installation, oil tank service would be to assess the right location for a new tank or multiple tanks serving multiple appliances.

oil tank installers

Blistering on the under side of a single skin oil tank.

We also replace old steel tanks should they look like they are beginning to leak or show signs of leaking, or rust bubbles that may have formed on the underside of the heating oil tank.


Here are a few things we cover in our inspection:

  • How many other oil fired heaters would be expected to run from the oil tank?
  • Fire boundary’s (Fire protection)
  • Ground conditions for a tank platforms/bases
  • Water ways run offs in to streams, drains  etc…
  • Filling of tank/venting
  • Bunding (a tank within a tank) protection If there was a leakage.
  • Recommended tank sizes to appliance rated heat output
  • Part of installation of an new or replacement oil tank is to make sure the tank is properly located and supported or maybe even strapped down in the event of possible flooding!


 Fire Rating for your domestic oil tank.specialists in oil tank installation devon.

Where a wooden fence is within within 760mm of the domestic oil tank, fire rating will be required. We supply & fit fire rated materials where required.

Covering: Devon Cornwall Somerset & Dorset.



Prices for oil tank decommissioning & Emergency oil tank pump out.


A Bacs payment deposit can be taken to secure any of our services.



Costs are listed below. Theses include our oil tank emergency pumping out service.


Emergency oil tank pump out due to leaks or splits occurring on the oil storage tank.


Emergency oil tank pump out will be charged at £240.00. This service is to travel to your destination with holding oil tank & to provide pumping out of your kerosene heating oil. We will where possible try to get your heating appliance going with a small oil tank.

Please contact us first to find out if we cover your area. Otherwise we may be able to offer alternative company.

Oil tank removal service.

  • The removal of an old oil storage tank. £240.00

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