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Read about the benefits of the power flush.

Boiler being powerflushed

We are conscious of the impact untreated pipework & radiators can have on the introduction of a new boiler. Power flushing radiators and central heating pipework for the preparation of the new gas boiler is imperative.

Why it’s important to have clean radiators and pipework. Read on to learn more.

Our Exeter based Heating Engineers have the knowledge the machines & chemicals to carry out such a specialist task.




Magna Clean doing what it’s designed to do. Notice the metal particles clinging to the magnet in picture one, picture two illustrates the use of tap water rinsing the sludge off of the magnetic filter. Rinsing under the tap removes the particles that would otherwise be either inside the boiler or slowly blocking up the radiators. Picture three shows the cleaned magnet filter.

Magnet Particle Filter

Magnaclean dirty magnet  Magnaclean rising under tap  Magnaclean washed

A magnet particle filter can be also be incorporated into the pipework to catch any debris that may occur in the future.


Power flushing from Absolute Plumbing & Heating

Central heating requires maintenance

Our heating engineers advise that a power flush can take up to 8hrs to thoroughly flush.

Symptoms poor radiator heat

If air is finding it’s way into the central heating pipework, this can cause corrosion to take place.

Cool radiators can be the cause of sludge & debris within the radiators & pipework, power flushing can remove the sludge & help with heat circulation.

No heat from radiators may be the cause of thermostatic radiator valves being damaged or closed. Rust may have built up within the radiator stopping the water from circulating.