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Uk average prices for plumbing

Average prices charged for installation of plumbing & heating fixtures.

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Plumbing work carried out around Devon Exeter & the Somerset areas.

Details of type of plumbing & heating work we carry out in & around Devon

Prices for domestic plumbing listed below.

Fit new toilet: Remove old existing toilet & replace with new within the same position. Client provides toilet. Prices £80 – £145


Fitting of new wash basin & pedestal: Remove old wash basin replace with customers own wash basin and pedestal: £75 – £140 Pipework may have to be re-routed etc.


Install a customers own bath/ bath panel / removal of current bath: £160 – £260 Pipework will have to be modified to fit. Silicon sealer


Kitchen sink tap mixer/mono block removal, pipework modification client supplies tap for fitting :£80- £160


Hot water replacement cylinder:  £400 – £560 Client provides hot water tank


Attic cold water tank: Customer supplies water tank: Fitting from: £210-£360


Boiler Lime scale

Boiler lime scale causing the pressure relief valve to be faulty: A replacement pressure relief valve will cost between £125 – £205


Radiator problems & cures

Radiators with cold area could indicate sludge build-up within the radiator. Power flushing the radiators could resolve the problem as long as the radiator hasn’t been blocked up for too long. A new radiator may be required if the radiator is very old & rusty.


Central Heating Pump internal or external to the boiler

Central heating pump failing: No hot water circulation to any radiators. Provide and fit new circulation pump: £200 – £250


Boiler Diverter Valves

Boiler diverter valve. Remove & fit new boiler diverter valve to boiler: £230 – £250 If the boiler stays in central heating only or hot water, then the valve may be at fault.


Burst Pipes leaking pipework

Winter can bring unexpected temperatures that can lead to pipes bursting.

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